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Community Congregational Church

Calvary shares space with the Community Congregational Church (UCC) led by Pastor Sue Detterman.  We will be blending our congregations for worship beginning in April 2022.  Check out their website.

New Life Church

Calvary shares space with the New Life Community Church led by Pastor Tony Nuñez.  Check out their Facebook page.


Calvary shares space and supports the works of Resilient, a nonprofit Christian Community Development Association launched by Christ Church. Resilient brings strength and holistic change to individuals and communities striving to flourish in and around Villa Park, Lombard and Oak Brook Terrace via: high school leadership initiatives, elementary and middle school mentoring programs, job training, English as a Second Language program and community engagement with its partnering churches.

Third Thursday Meals are sponsored by Resilient at Calvary Church.

For more updates and information please check regularly on Resilient’s Facebook Page or